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Hello world!

Nothing makes me happier than you, HERE, right now! 7 billion years, 2,400 sleepless nights, and 917 frozen pizzas later. . . we’re finally up.and.running!  WAHOOOOOOO! I cannot.stop.smiling. It’s like my birthday fell on Christmas and then I won the lottery, twice.

Here are few little tips to help you get to know the new layout!  Enjoy!

let’s connect + quick post preview option:

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Now go ahead and poke around on your own!
Be sure to comment and let me know what you think!



PS. We launched with 2 pages of content. Don’t miss Ben and Chelsea or the Raynor Family on page 2!

Everything you see here was very much a collaborative effort as follows:

awesomeness:  Uncle Richie times a bizillion!
blogspiration (shamelessly stole that word from Auntie Heather):  Raleigh, Cardon, Lincoln + angel Gavin
branding:  Cole Nielsen the Great (I think he’s related to Santa Claus. I highly recommend him.)
blog design: Sir Ross the Brave @ Flosites (He’s a sorcerer, and again, I highly recommend him. HIGHLY.)
idea-bouncer-offer + master of picking-up-my-slack + designer in a pinch + saver of my sanity: Ashley the Super Assistant