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You can modernize your network in the digital age using an SD WAN. However, it can take up to two years to get right.

Modern enterprise SD WANs can improve your network performance and decrease your overall costs. At the same time, they help you reduce your exposure to network issues and achieve greater overall network performance.

After you decide to invest in a modern SD WAN solution, you can choose among the most popular software based SD-WAN management software solutions.

We’ve had a chance to test the most popular cloud-based enterprise SD WAN management software solutions from the leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Ubiquiti, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei, Netgear, Juniper, NETGEAR and Aruba Networks. In short, we’ve reviewed some of the most promising and popular enterprise SD WAN management software solutions available for your Cisco 6725/6200/6600/6640/6500, Cisco 5811/5611, Cisco 5915/6400/6900 and Cisco 67/65/66/6620/7200/7300 based enterprise SD WAN.

These solutions deliver ease-of-use, integration, price and reliability features that can help you achieve a top-notch SD WAN performance and performance through cloud management. Many of these cloud management software solutions also include support for Cisco Wireless LAN 802.1X, WiMAX, CAT-5e, and Gigabit Ethernet, and other advanced networking technologies that support the mobility of your enterprise SD WAN.

Our review of the following cloud management software solutions demonstrates their enterprise SD WAN management features and specifications:

Novell Netware ESN

Redundant Manager


WireGuard Manager for Cisco

Novell JBoss Infinity Management (formerly JBoss Unified Enterprise)

As you can see from our review of the following cloud management software solutions:

Cisco 6725/6200/6600/6640/6500, Cisco 5811/5611/5915/6400/6900, Cisco 5915/6400/6900

Hewlett-Packard EPC600-C5G1

HP Velocity2000/1000


SensioLink 1.0

Supervision Center for Cisco

Unison for Cisco

Cisco Wireless LAN 802.1X and Gigabit Ethernet


These cloud management software solutions offer a variety of cloud-based services, with the Cisco 6725/6200/6600/6640/6500, Cisco 5811/5611/5915/6400/6900, Cisco 5915/6400/6900, Cisco 67/66/6620/7200/7300 based enterprise SD WAN management options.

An enterprise SD WAN can modernize your network and propel your business in the digital age. However, it can take up to two years to get right. You can get help from experts’ sites such as to get your cloud servers working.

High-performance, easy-to-use:

In addition to its enterprise support, the following cloud management software solutions are available with desktop applications for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Cisco’s latest enterprise application suite (Cisco Unified Operating System) supports all desktop and mobile devices running Cisco Unified Operating System.



Over the last couple of weeks, as I’ve sincerely worked to achieve a higher level of overall happiness, this question has come to my mind over and over (and over) again: does it take as much work to be unhappy as it does to be happy?

I sincerely wonder.

Time is the great equalizer—we all have precisely the same number of hours in each and every day. What differentiates one of us from the next is not how much time we have at our disposal, rather it’s how we choose to invest those 24 hours every day.


I threw this design together, but the phrase is not my own.
It’s been all over Pinterest, Instagram and the www.

Let’s push pause on the discussion of happiness for 32 seconds and think about this concept in general, starting with some introspection: what is your goal? Greater happiness? Increased success? A higher level of productivity? An enhanced level of gratitude? Now think of someone who has achieved the end in mind you are anxious to achieve. Do they make different decisions with their time than you do? Perhaps? It’s definitely worth thinking about.


My personal goal is an increased level of happiness in my life. Thus, I’m asking myself the following:

1.  Do happy people invest their time more wisely than I do?
2.  Assuming (as I am) that the answer to the question above is “yes,” the obvious follow up would be: How do happy people’s decisions with their time differ from my own—what, specifically, are they doing differently than I am?

Happy vs Unhappy: is the amount of work the same?

So. . . . I’ve had this line of thought running through my head (and heart) on repeat, and today, I happened “randomly” across the following quote from author Carlos Castaneda:

“The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.”

I say “randomly,” because I really don’t feel there was anything random about it. The moment I read those words, their validity fell upon my heart like a ton of bricks. It was a message I needed to receive, in a moment when I sincerely needed to receive it.

What do YOU think?

I am not an expert on happiness (clearly). I’m genuinely eager to explore this subject right along with the rest of you! So please, tell me what you think!

1. What kinds of choices with their time do you think happy people make?
2. Or perhaps a better question is: what kinds of actions, thoughts etc do happy people choose NOT to waste their time on?
3. What kinds of choices with your time tend to make you happiest?
4. If you think back on a time of sincere happiness, how were you choosing to invest your time during that period of your life?

Let me know any of your thoughts in the comments below! Don’t feel like you have to answer each of the numerical questions above! Just let me know how YOU feel as it relates to the subject of time and happiness—be as brief or as long winded as you like! As always, I promise to do my best to respond to each of your comments personally!

Here’s to greater happiness, today!




Please don’t misunderstand. I am a generally happy human being. I am. But I want to be happier. I think there is greater happiness available to me. . . to each of us, and I want to get out there and find every ounce of that joy that I possibly can! (I KNOW you want the same! Just as time is an equalizer, I’d venture to say that the pursuit of happiness is an equalizer as well. . .)

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