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I don’t traditionally review books here, but oh my goodness. This book made me laugh out loud. Repeatedly. Raleigh (7) was teary eyed with delight. I highly recommend it for families with elementary aged kids. It would make a great gift!  Born Yesterday: The Diary of a Young Journalist

Here’s a particularly delightful excerpt:

“March 22nd. Finally–I have it figured out. Some things are noses, some are taxicabs, and some are Belgians. The up end of people is their hairstyles and the down end is their tootsie-wootsies. These tootsie-wootsie things are fascinating. I plan to write a book about them. My sister paints her tootsie-wootsie nails a special color called striped. I can’t wait till I can paint my tootsie-wootsie nails the color called striped, and thus become a super-chick person like my sister. For now, I just lift them to my mouth and suck.”

An absolute favorite from Kit and Nichole’s beautiful North Shore wedding.


Today, I reminded myself that life is too short not to spend more of it outside.

I also plan to put on my prettiest dress and spin in circles at sunset.



PS. Only 3 more days to “apply” for The Breathe Scholarship!

I started to wonder if the day would ever come!!!!

I’m writing from 26 ° Manhattan. Truth. Today, I saw snow. . . ON.THE.BEACH. Also truth. What is happening to the world as I know it?!

All joking aside, it’s almost impossible to express exactly how it feels to be a part of this work. I pinch myself every single day, every single city, every single group of AMAZING people, who not only SHOW UP but they STEP UP to make things REALLY happen in their lives. I can promise you, they leave, forever changed, and they’d be the very first to tell you so.

There’s no magic in The Making Things Happen Intensive, only tools. Direction. Insight. And. . . a heavy dose of encouragement, because we really are capable of GREAT things in our lives. We really truly are. There’s no shame in dreaming big, living big, making waves. I hope you receive every single dream your heart desires, and then a million more.



PS. Charlotte, I didn’t forget about you. I will NEVER forget about you. Ladies, you changed my world.

Today, I’m so grateful for girlfriends. I’m grateful for real, candid, heartfelt conversations and authentic love, loyalty and respect. I’m thankful for a supportive husband and BEAUTIFUL children who I dream of every moment of every day and lie awake loving all through the night. Happy weekending from ICE COLD Atlanta! xx! N



Excited to Make Atlanta Happen Bright and early tomorrow morning.
Blessings, blessings all around!

Missing you SO MUCH Emily (and Baby B)!