I left town for a few days, and unbeknownst to me, Richie wrote a book started a revolution.

People constantly ask, “What does your husband do?” and I constantly stare back at them somewhat dumbfounded, because what I WANT to say is, “Richie makes waves, moves mountains and changes the world!” But it’s hard to make THAT fit into the confines of a monetized job description.

Richie helps people. He helps them overcome obstacles, live dreams and build authentic relationships with the people who mater most. He helps them get real and be happy, and he helps them make lots and lots of money in the process. Until they come up with a title for THAT, I think I’ll have to maintain my mindless stare.

I had nothing to do with the writing of this book. It’s smarter, braver and better than anything I could ever create. Resumés Are Dead And What To Do About It is brilliant, bold and unabashed. Not to mention timely, relevant and perfectly practical in every way. Download your FREE digital copy here. Also, enter to win a free 1 hour business consultation with Richie (valued at $350).

Way to be Richie! I’ve never been more proud to ride your coattails!

xx, N

PS. Ever wondered why (or HOW) we live in Hawaii? Ever wondered why (or HOW) we do things like. . . say. . . take our 7 year old to Nicaragua for the weekend? Ever wondered how we weather grief, stay happy and get.things.done? Every one of those questions is answered in this quick but beefy 30 page read.

PPS. If you’ve already downloaded the book, head over to download the updated version (as of 3.2.2011).

Breathe, because nothing’s more important than them.
Image credit: my dear friend Amelia Lyon. Circa when Amelia? 2007?!

The Breathe Scholarship! Enter Now!

You know you want to be with us in Vegas on February 22nd, and you’ve got to know that I really want you to be there too! I really, really do.

I’m starting a revolution, and I want YOUR family, YOUR business, YOU to be a part of that.

I’m ready. Ready to make big waves affecting the way mothers approach their businesses, their families, their marriages, their LIVES. Scratch that! I’m ready to make big waves affecting the way YOU approach YOUR business, YOUR family, YOUR marriage, YOUR life! You deserve brilliance, balance and fulfillment at home, passion and purpose in your marriage, and remarkable satisfaction, sustainability and success in your businesses. And you are completely and totally capable of making that happen in your own life, right now. There’s no magic bullet here, just tried and true tools, ideas and resources. If you’re ready and willing to put them into play in the routines that make up your own world, you will see a radical change in the culture of your home, the happiness in your marriage, and last but certainly not least, your bottom line.

No matter where you are in your business and life, if you are a mother and an entrepreneur (or hope to be), this workshop is for you. It will literally change your life. Lofty promise? Not in the least. I’m THAT confident that if you’re willing to put in the smart work, The Breathe Intensive will revolutionize your life from the ground up.

Again, I’m starting a revolution, and I want YOU to be a part of it. So. . .

I’m giving away not one, but TWO seats to The Breathe Intensive in Las Vegas on February 22nd!

To enter:

1. Comment below and tell me why you want to come to Breathe. You don’t have to say much, just make sure it’s completely and totally transparent and comes from the deepest corner of your heart.
2. Tweet, Facebook, blog, Tumble the news about the giveaway. Shout it from the rooftops if you must (here is the direct link to this post), because if your friend enters and wins, guess what? They get to bring YOU along as their guest!
3. All entries must be received in the comment section below by no later than Friday, February 4th at 11:58pm Hawaii Standard Time. (Yes, 11:58pm. Why? Because I’m the boss around here and that just made me laugh out loud).

Winners will be announced Monday, February 7th. (Or you may secure your seat by registering now, here.)

Good luck!

I CANNOT WAIT to see you at The MGM Grand!



When you’re on the hunt for absolute magic, it’s hard not to get sidetracked along the way. It’s hard not to settle for FANTASTIC. Because, fantastic, is well. . . FANTASTIC! But I had to keep reminding myself, I wasn’t looking for fantastic, no matter how bright and shiny the lights or how clear and clean the bells and whistles. I was looking for just.right.for.me. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there is power in patience (though granted this was over and done in under a week) but MOST importantly, there is power in specificity (as evidenced by the fact that this WAS in fact over and done with in under a week).

I had laid it all out there. . . defined exactly what “just right for me” looked like, felt like, smelled like for crying out loud!  And I found her. Erin Jane is just right. For me. For my family. For my business . . . And the beauty of it (which I also specifically laid out in my ad) is that I am just right for her. For her dreams, her ambitions, her remarkable potential! I’m beyond excited to see what we can make happen together, and I’m doubly excited to introduce her to you, now!

Here’s Erin’s application in response to my (again, very lofty and very extraordinarily specific) want ad. Tell me you wouldn’t have hired her on the spot.

Perfect cover page.

Perfect cover letter.

Perfect resumé.

Folks, what do you want for yourself? Your family? Your business? What do you DESERVE for yourself? Your family? Your business? Do you even know?

One of my very favorite concepts of all time was taught to me by Stephen R. Covey (and if you’ve EVER heard me speak, it’s quite likely you’ve heard this before). Summarized: don’t waste your time climbing up the “ladder of success” until you’re sure it’s leaning against the right wall!

You deserve to know what you want and where you’re headed. You.deserve.it.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never feel satisfied by, or comfortable with, your forward momentum. You’ll find yourself constantly revving the engine with one foot while simultaneously slamming on the breaks with the other, and that’s no way to drive. That’s no way to live.


And to Erin I say, welcome to the family girlfriend! Let’s get a move on!



Making Things Happen 2011 from lara casey on Vimeo.

The January tour is your ONLY chance to attend the Making Things Happen one day intensive in 2011 AND the early bird registration ends this coming Saturday, January 1st!

And yes, I’m honored to have been asked to guest speak for all stops in the January tour! Come see me in Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, NYC or Las Vegas!

Here’s the thing. This workshop isn’t for EVERYONE, but it is for ANYONE who is ready and willing to dig deep and commit to success! Yes, you read that right, not just photographers. ANY and ALL entrepreneurs (budding or established) and big dreamers ready to make things happen in 2011 would benefit TREMENDOUSLY from this intensive!

I’ll see you there!