I left town for a few days, and unbeknownst to me, Richie wrote a book started a revolution.

People constantly ask, “What does your husband do?” and I constantly stare back at them somewhat dumbfounded, because what I WANT to say is, “Richie makes waves, moves mountains and changes the world!” But it’s hard to make THAT fit into the confines of a monetized job description.

Richie helps people. He helps them overcome obstacles, live dreams and build authentic relationships with the people who mater most. He helps them get real and be happy, and he helps them make lots and lots of money in the process. Until they come up with a title for THAT, I think I’ll have to maintain my mindless stare.

I had nothing to do with the writing of this book. It’s smarter, braver and better than anything I could ever create. Resumés Are Dead And What To Do About It is brilliant, bold and unabashed. Not to mention timely, relevant and perfectly practical in every way. Download your FREE digital copy here. Also, enter to win a free 1 hour business consultation with Richie (valued at $350).

Way to be Richie! I’ve never been more proud to ride your coattails!

xx, N

PS. Ever wondered why (or HOW) we live in Hawaii? Ever wondered why (or HOW) we do things like. . . say. . . take our 7 year old to Nicaragua for the weekend? Ever wondered how we weather grief, stay happy and get.things.done? Every one of those questions is answered in this quick but beefy 30 page read.

PPS. If you’ve already downloaded the book, head over to download the updated version (as of 3.2.2011).