First things first, you should know that you have VERY large shoes to fill. You also should know that I don’t know how to play small, nor do I ever care to learn, and that I’ll expect you to help me stay grounded, inspired, organized, centered, and hydrated. Yes, seriously.

I’m not looking for just anyone.

I’m looking for YOU.

(You don’t live in Hawaii? That’s OK. I’m open to the possibility of hiring an applicant from any region.)

You’re smart.
You’re eloquent.
You’re organized.
You have an eye for good color and great design.
You’re confident in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.
You know how to prep images for proofing and/or you’re a fast and willing learner.
You recognize quality when you see it and are totally committed to always producing quality work.
You know how to focus and see a job through to completion.
You’re a fast and confident worker.
You are honest, compassionate and principle centered. A straight talker and a straight shooter.
You’re capable of moving along with me as we take my business to the next level.
You get me.
You’re happy to do odds and ends jobs when I need you to.
You’re healthy, mind and spirit.
You’re confident. You’re not afraid to respectfully challenge, question and contribute without being asked.
You’re thoughtful.
You’re available mentally and emotionally to get in here and make meaningful change.
You’re keyed in to inspiration and possibility.
You’re positive.
You’re faithful.
You love to brainstorm and come up with synergistic third alternatives.
You’re proactive.
You uplift.
You have good energy.
You love my children.
You’re creative. You’re passionate about making the ordinary extraordinary! You see the beauty in everything.
You are trustworthy.
You are 100% competent.
You can respond appropriately to situations without guidance from me when necessary.
You keep me focused, inspired and energized.
You allow me to step completely away so that I can be the type of wife and mother that I want to be, and you respect me for it.
You’re articulate.
You have integrity.
You make things happen.
You are goal oriented.
You are customer oriented. My clients ADORE you.
You’re respectful. You respect me, my work, my business.
You can write and speak in grammatically accurate English. (←For instance, is this sentence grammatically correct? And should I put the closing punctuation inside or outside of this parenthesis?)
You are excited to develop a firm handle on the systems and procedures of my business.
You’re ready and willing to work WITH me, not for me.
You are better than me in every way I need you to be.

Oh, and one more thing, “you must be kind, you must be witty, very sweet and fairly pretty.”

Some tasks include:

Responding to email
Graphic design
Book keeping
All around slack-picking-uping

Part time | Hourly wage | Start ASAP

Application Information:

Send resumes to aloha{at}natalienortonblog{dot}com, subject line: Personal Assistant Application/(your name).

Please understand that I may not respond to every applicant.