Wondering if The Breathe Intensive is right for you? Take a moment to read the profiles below. Do any of them (or even bits and pieces of each) strike a chord in your heart and mind?

Gabby is a young mom with small children at home. She and her husband were hit hard by the recent shifts in the economy, and Gabby is so happy to have a way that she can user her passion for photography to contribute to the family financially while still having the flexibility of setting her own hours so she can still be there for her kids. However, her business is growing like wildfire, and Gabby is really struggling to keep her head above the water. She has a hard time compartmentalizing her work and family life, so one thing is constantly bleeding into the other. She tries to uphold a level of professionalism with her clients by staying up on their calls and emails and responding immediately to their needs, but the flip side is that she’s not as available to meet the immediate needs of her family. She’s suddenly found that she isn’t getting dinner on the table at night and that she’s spending time on the computer that she generally spent reading to her kids or playing with them in the yard. As if over night, the house is all backed up, dishes piling up in the sink, and laundry is overflowing in the hampers. When Gabby DOES make the effort to put her family first, she’s disappointing clients with long wait times, sub par work or lack of communication and clarity. Even her ever supportive husband is starting to grumble and question the current state of things. She’s really worrying about how she’s going to maintain this breakneck pace, especially now that she’s expecting her third child in about 6 months. She is afraid, she doesn’t want to let her clients down and she CERTAINLY doesn’t want to fail at home. She’s searching desperately for a way to make it all work.

Wendy is a wife, a mom, and an event coordinator, in that order. While she LOVES bringing things together to help brides create the weddings of their dreams, she’s always believed that things should be prioritized with God and her marriage at the helm. With the demands of clients and kids–and all of their needs being SO IMMEDIATE–she’s found that her relationship with her husband is suffering. There’s just not enough of her to go around! She wants desperately to make it all work, but for Pete’s sake, he can take care of himself! Suddenly she’s finding herself resenting him for needing so much attention from her when she has so.many.other.things.that.need.to.get.done. They have turned in to passing ships at home, co habiting and co parenting, but not really living with love, joy and passion for each other like they used to. Wendy is at the point where she really wants that back. She’s reconnecting with her original goals for her family, the center of which has always been to have a happy, connected, love-filled marriage. She’s ready and willing to put in the work to make room for her husband, right where he belongs, at the center of her life and heart. But she’s scared. She’s afraid that if she makes that shift, her clients, her children, or both, will suffer.

Peggy is just getting going! She’s just found her passion for design and her response from friends and family and the few clients she’s had tells her that she really has a promising future in this! She’s excited and motivated toward success. She’s thrilled to have found a way to contribute financially to her family while still being able to be a great wife and mother.  Because her family matters most to her, she wants to start off on the right foot! She’s anticipating the struggles moving forward and wants to build a STRONG and RELIABLE foundation so that when the storms of growth come, as she knows they will, she’ll be prepared to face them head on without sacrificing the integrity of her family unit. Peggy is a planner! She knows she wants more children and she wants to be sure that she plans well and builds her company in a way that will be sustainable as her family and her business grows.

Gertrude has been in business forever. She’s of the “slow and steady wins the race” mentality, but she’s been trucking along for some time now and just can’t seem to break through to any kind of measurable success. She sees other bloggers who have been in business for less than a year who are by FAR exceeding her in business and forward momentum. She’s ready to GO! But she’s a mom, and she’s always put her kids first. She simply doesn’t know how to set up her life so that she can support her family emotionally as a mother, keep up with her housework AND help her business grow! She just doesn’t understand how these people do it! She’s always assumed that successful people are all running sloppy families behind the scenes, but  she’s starting to wonder if there may jut be a way to have significant and measurable success at home and in her entrepreneurial endeavors. She wants to learn how to make it a real win/win. How to strike a REAL harmony between her business and her family life.

Maggie is not a  mom, yet. She’s already running a successful business, working in the healthcare industry, and has it all together on the home front. She’s completely confident in her ability to make things happen in her career (check out this article by UTMB Health to know more about getting a healthcare career). She’s a go getter and has achieved quantifiable success in the short time she’s been in business. She’s on a roll. She’s built real, significant and sustainable forward momentum, but she and her husband have always wanted kids. She wants to be a mom. She’s experienced the thrill of building a business from the ground up, and now, she wants to experience the joy and happiness that come from being a mother. She worries about her business. She worries that if she has a child, in order to give him/her the time and attention they need and deserve, her business will fail. She won’t be able to keep all the balls in the air. She needs to build a foundation to prepare her for the road ahead, because one thing she’s learned and personifies in her life is: “If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” She’s afraid, but is holding on to hope that she can do both and do both well. She’s looking for the knowledge and skills to show her the way.

Sarah is a real go getter. When she decided she wanted to be a photographer, she dove head first into learning everything she could about the business and art of it. With 2 kids at home, and running the show on her own, out of necessity, she promptly developed a handle on the business of outsourcing; she was committed to doing everything she could to put her children first. But despite all her very best efforts, she soon realized that there was a LOT more to this concept of balance than the often taught principle of outsourcing. She’s holding things together, yes, but she’s EXHAUSTED. She’s working herself to the bone and feels completely and totally spent and frazzled all the time. She gives 100% of her time to her children and her business and while they are both thriving, she has NOTHING left for herself. She feels terrible, doesn’t remember the last time she exercised and hasn’t had time for herself since circa 1999. Sarah has completely lost herself; she’s discovering that balance means a whole lot more than she ever thought it did. . . it’s not just family and business. . . there has to be space in there somewhere for her. But she’s so afraid. She’s worked so hard at getting CONTROL of things in her family and business, that she’s terrified to rock that boat. Terrified that if she takes time for herself, everything might just fall to pieces. She doesn’t want to let anyone down! But, she’s also terrified that if she DOESN’T take some time for herself, to recharge, to rediscover herself, she’s literally going to sink.


I’ll be completely transparent, at one point or another, I could relate to bits and pieces of each of these women’s stories. It’s been in and through my having to navigate these same types of difficulties and circumstances that The Breathe Intensive was born. The principles included in the curriculum of this intensive have caused a 180° in my life, heart, business and family, and I’m confident that the application of these principles in your family and business will be absolutely transformational as well.

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