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These two lovebirds literally just popped off a cruise ship, drove up to the North Shore, got married and went along their merry way. . . back to a cruise ship full of awe struck senior citizens!

They wanted to focus on their love and their marriage. . . not on the planning of a wedding and all the stress and strain that comes along with it. Amazing! I felt so blessed to be a part of this beautiful MARRIAGE.

Congratulations you two!  And Noel, THANK YOU for letting me be a part of such a magical, intimate time in your lives.  It was an honor.



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I don’t know what to say about this wedding except for how deeply blessed I feel to have been a part of it. I was so completely inspired by the couple and touched by the friends and family in attendance. I found myself amazed that such an amazing group of people could really exist all together in one place at one time.  These are the kind of people who you simply cannot be around without feeling deep love, total acceptance and tremendous joy.. They’re the kind of people you’d simply do anything to have in your life forever. I hope you feel some of that through these images.  Enjoy.

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Erin and Conor’s DIY Portland wedding was nothing short of perfect in every way.  The attention to detail was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Erin lived, ate and breathed her wedding planning for the months leading up to her big day.  She did it all without a planner and nothing fell short of perfection.  Erin  Jane, you amaze me! Enjoy.

Above 2 images (L temple, R reflection): shot by my wonderful assistant  Elli who drove up from Seattle to spend the day with me.  Thanks Elli!

I have never seen anything as amazing as the “fairy-wand-thing-a-ma-jig” Erin had made for her beautiful niece in lieu of a bouquet! WONDERFUL idea!

I am speechless over the feather details that Erin incorporated into her design throughout her wedding . . . and the boutonnieres? OH.MY.GOSH.

In a Mormon temple marriage, everyone (including the photographer) waits outside for the couple to make their debut as Mr and Mrs. There’s NOTHING like the look on everyone’s faces when they see the happily married couple for the first time since “I do”.  Love the look on Conor’s mom’s face. PURE JOY.

LOVE the bridesmaid’s Anthro dresses.  Love the color, love the cut, LOVE THEM.

I could literally write entire sonnets dedicated to Erin Jane’s bouquet.  It was unbelievable.

After the temple, we headed off to the reception location.  It was held at Erin’s parents house.  Check out this spectacular view of Mt Hood shot right from their backyard!

Um yes, it’s homemade jam.  And um yes, Erin made the moss covered frames.  And um yes, Erin should consider a career as a wedding planner. I wish I could get married again (to Uncle Richie of course) simply to have her plan my big day.

Oh don’t you worry, Erin has her under grad in art and her master’s in design and she totally designed her AMAZING invites.  I.AM.IN.LOVE.

I told you the boutonnieres are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  They may just be the very definition of awesome.

Of course she also hand stamped every candy favor bag.

I thought the way she displayed her seating tags was AWESOME.

Connor’s grandmother hand embroidered each napkin (they were all unique) and all the table cloths.  I am seriously obsessed with that woman.  She is MAGICAL.

BEST.FOOD.EVER.  After allll the planning and allll the work, I think Erin was most excited about the delicious food.  YUM x 7 billion.

In case you missed it above, they totally had an ice cream cart.

Congratulations Erin and Conor! I love you and couldn’t be happier for you in a million years!  xx! N

PS. More coming soon from their fun bridal/groomal session.

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Remember this darling shoot from a while back?

It was featured today over at Forget Me Knot Weddings, a beautiful blog full of all things. . . beautiful.

Thank you Forget Me Knot for the feature!

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Oh oh oh. I met Alexis and JP the day before their beautiful Annisquam, MA wedding.  In about 17 seconds I knew that they are the kind of people you want to have in your lives for the rest of forever. . . their families too. Quality. People. All. And now, the longest post in recorded history. Enjoy.

These first two sets of files, make my heart sing. Annisquam is like going back in time. It’s the very best kind of magic there is.

First we headed in to Boston (about 45 min from the bride’s BEAUTIFUL home in Annisquam) for hair and make up.  Boston = Brick.  The end.

Then back to the bride’s house to finish getting ready for the ceremony.

I drooled over the couple’s letterpressed invites.

Alexis’ sister, Stephanie, after planning the wedding, making favors and 7 million etcs, made this beautiful quilt as a gift to the bride and groom!

She gave it to Alexis just before the ceremony.  It was so incredibly touching to see Alexis’ reaction. . .

Then on to the ceremony outside the bride’s family home.  The view is like nothing you’ve ever seen in your life. . . and from EVERY DIRECTION!

Hello beautiful tree swing built for two!  LOVE.

Sister Stephanie’s lovely favors. . . aaaaaaand, she made the cake to boot.  Truth. Best.sister.ever.

Congratulations Alexis and JP!  It was an HONOR to be a part of your big day!!

A million loves!