Don’t even get me started on this image. It’s stupid amazing. Love it. Love everyone in it. LOVE.
Missing them like crazy.

“We’re goin’ to BROADWAY!” (Thank you Mr. Guffman)

Well not reeeeeeally, but the next best thing for sure.

A few weeks ago, I was unexpectedly contacted by the casting director of the show The Generations Project (BYU TV). I’d never heard of the show, but felt inexplicably compelled to complete the casting process to see if the producers felt I would be a fit.

Long story short, next week, I begin filming the season 3 finale of the show for BYU TV, and I’ve been granted permission to share my daily journey here as a type of precursor to the airing of the finale (somewhere around March 1, 2012). I’m excited to share special insights etc that may or may not make it into the final cut.

There are a million reasons I shouldn’t be doing this show. My life is crazy. I hardly have time to cook dinner, let alone take a week off to trot around the country filming a tv show. It’s ridiculously hard for me to leave my family for extended periods of time, and I hate how behind on life I’m going to be when I get home.  BUT Richie and I discussed the decision together and felt VERY STRONGLY that for one reason or another, this is a good decision for me (and vicariously, for our family).

Admittedly, I have no idea what to expect next week. I’ve only seen one episode of the show, which I watched that at the request of the casting director AFTER already having been cast for season 3. . . I’m quite nervous and need all of your support to help me through this. (How pathetic do I sound right now? I really am being authentic in this request.)

Starting Monday morning, you can follow my journey here on the blog and via twitter, here.

I’m trying to pull together some fun ways to really involve all you loyal readers in this process, so check back Monday to see what I’ve come up with!

In the mean time, I’m busy soaking up my last couple of days here in Hawaii and attempting to keep my heart in my chest every time I even think about leaving Sunday morning. I belong here. I’m certain. Can’t wait until we’re back for good!



Hi folks!

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m giving Formspring a go. If you’ve got any questions for me, personal, business, photography, life, spirituality, whatever, I’d love to answer. Just don’t be creepy. . . or mean spirited. Deal? Deal.

Love you times a hundred!


PS. Yes, it’s obviously a rainy day in paradise.

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Above image shot using Instagram. Find me. NatalieNorton

Ignore the awkward angle and the Cyrano de Bergerac-esque snout, and try to tap in to how this image feels, because it’s a reflection of my very SOUL.

Today.felt.good. Very good.

Everything felt normal.


Perfect. . .

and I basked in all the perfect normalness until I was saturated through and through.

I felt like me. And I liked it.

Driving familiar roads, seeing familiar faces, hearing the familiar roar of the ocean. . . yes, it was a very good day.

The truth is, I miss my old life. I miss my friends. I miss my house. AND I MISS THE OCEAN. Boy do I miss the ocean.  But again, and again, and again, home is where we are, together. The only “wrongness” of this day, was the absence of the people who belong here right along with me. I love them more than familiarity, friendship and every drop in the ocean combined, times 10. I don’t want to be anywhere they’re not. So there.

I love you Raleigh, Cardon, Lincoln and Richie. Thank you for being way awesomer than every other thing on the planet. See you soon! Nat Nat/Mom

PS. Can’t wait for Kellin’s wedding on Saturday! OOOOOH! Please let there be SUN!
PPS. I leave HI on Sunday to begin filming an exciting new project. Stay tuned for the 411, yo.

The childhood vaccination debate is not one that I found myself anxious to join–for a zillion very obvious reasons, then ten more just for good measure. I needed time for my head to clear, for my emotions to even out and frankly, to get my facts straight before I jumped into the ring.

Now here we are (Richie and I, together), nearly 2 years later, talking from a place of confidence, understanding and compassion. There is no hate or anger behind any of our feelings as they relate to childhood vaccinations. There is no discord or frustration, only love, empathy and a desire to help others understand a perspective that often has no voice.

PS. As you read this, I’m on a plane to Hawaii. Niener, niener.

handling what’s hard.

This week was hard in an inexplicable kind of way. I just felt really jumbled, confused and disoriented all week long—feelings that grief, unfortunately, has acquainted me with all too well.

I’m sorry the last few days have been so saturated with sorrow. It’s simply what is. I’ll pull it together when I’m ready.

In the mean time, I’m resting in this beautiful painting. If I play pretend, I can almost feel his warm little body against my chest—his weight centering me. . . keeping my heart and mind connected to the things that matter most.

Gosh I miss him.

But handling what’s hard is simply a part of this Earthly existence. Our ability to find calm within the inevitable storms of mortality is developed line upon line, as we trust in Him and retain an eternal perspective. Right? Right.

So on we’ll march. One foot joyfully in front of the other, until one day, all is made right again.


PS. This masterpiece was painted by my sweet cousin Ash Mae. If I had all the rainbows in all the world they wouldn’t be enough to help you see just how much light and joy this woman brings to the world. And thank you to Mom for commissioning her to paint it for me! Mom, I love you more than every star in the heavens . . . times infinity.