I’ve learned something so significant in the last couple of weeks and months. Significant enough to come out of hiding from all things world wide web and share it with the few lonely readers who still frequent this site. ;) Hi Richie!

We’ve all felt it.  Inspiration.

The feeling of absolute confidence (read: faith) and perfect peace (read: calm).

That heightened sense of motivation and drive toward excellence.

The state of meaningful momentum and true connection to our honest character: the real YOU.

For most of us (myself included) inspiration is recognized as a fleeting feeling that only drops by here and there to show you just how awesome your life is NOT all the other 364 days of the year.

Well, here I am, nearly 30 years in. . . and I’m just now realizing that we can actually LIVE in that space. Like, all the time.

We “simply” have to be willing to fight the good fight!

Easier said than done.

Over the last weeks and months, I’ve learned that when you find yourself really, truly, deeply committed to living in a space of inspiration, joy, progress, LOVE . . . the forces of Hell will literally gather around you and do everything in their power to derail you.

And they take the unlikliest of forms, so watch your backs.

Thankfully, there is a flip-side to this horrifying reality, because simultaneous to Beelzebub and his army of Red Bull drinking hooligans, the universe also raises up helping hands EVERYWHERE you turn to support, uplift and even (and perhaps especially) to PROPEL you along your “pathway toward all awesomeness” (for lack of a more fitting description).

And again, they take the unlikliest of forms, so stay open.

(Note: The image connected to this post is probably the one image that I’ve taken in my life that inspires me more than any other. Consequently, it also personifies the very reason I am willing to fight tooth and nail to stay inspired every.single.day)


More on this later, but I simply couldn’t end this post without a brief expression of gratitude.  ‘Tis the season, after all.

You want to talk about committing to LIVING your life they way it’s meant to be lived and the universe (read: GOD) raising up helping hands to support and uplift you? Fine. Let’s do.

A few weeks ago, on an honest-to-gosh whim, I signed up for the Maui leg of the Making Things Happen tour with Southern Weddings Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Lara Casey and guest speakers, photographers Fred Egan and Jory Cordy.   I knew NOTHING about the workshop. I knew NOTHING about Lara. The workshop just randomly showed up on my radar, a little voice in my soul quitely said “GO,” and because listening is such a vital component of my new found FIGHT to stay inspired, I simply responded, “You got it!” I forked over the cash, booked a flight to Maui and buckled my safety belt for the ride of my life.

Here I am, only a couple of weeks out, having found a new best friend in Lara who I cannot imagine my life without, and additionally I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at the last Making Things Happen event of 2010 in Watercolor, FL! (Join us! Lara just announced 5 additional seats!)

I feel so blessed to have met (not to mention to have learned from) Lara, Fred and Jory. Collectively and individually they are significant wave makers, all.

Thank you Lara, Fred, Jory and all my new MTH friends.

. . . and a happy bleated Thanksgiving. Naturally.