I’m jetting off to the airport to catch a flight to Tampa for the first leg of the Making Things Happen Tour! Wahooo!!  I’ll be blogging every weekday of the tour (that’s the goal) so stick around! You can also catch daily inspiration from the girls and I (Lara, Gina, Emily) over on the Making Things Happen Tumblr. (And if Tumblr makes ZERO sense to you–it didn’t used to make sense to me at ALL–just think of it as a microblogging platform, falling somewhere between a full fledged blog and Twitter. It’s pretty amazing.)

Taking off on this trip is so exciting for me. It is nearly impossible for me to believe that just over 2 months ago, I knew nothing of the Making Things Happen Intensive, nothing of Lara Casey, nothing of Gina Zeidler or Emily Ley, and I’d never eaten Southern grits to boot. It is completely amazing that in such a short time, this intensive has become such a significant part of my life and that Lara, Gina and Emily have become 3 of my very dearest friends the world over. It’s beautiful what wonderful things can come into our lives when we’re out looking for them.

Deciding to register for Making Things Happen Maui was a total fluke. It was a fluke that the intensive ended up on my computer screen to begin with. It was a fluke that I thought, “Sure, I’m going to drop $1,200 to go spend a day on Maui with a women I’ve never even heard of.” It was a fluke that only days later I was on a plane with Richie in tow.

. . . Except that it really wasn’t a fluke at all.

If there is ONE SINGULAR THING in my life that I’m good at, it’s this: I follow my gut. And in this case, my guts led me to Maui, and my decision to follow their lead, changed the course of my life forever. Yes, I really believe that. 100%.

Listen, there are a VERY FEW seats left for this tour (the only tour planned for 2011). Payment plans ARE available. If you’re ready for change, ready for growth, ready for accountability, ready to overcome fear and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE (in any field of expertise, family, or life in general), it’s not too late to contact Marissa (Marissa{at}laracaseyreps{dot}com) and get.yourself.in.on.this.  You deserve it.