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broken computer.

family in town.

big race this Saturday. (please say a prayer for me.  PLEASE. I’m waaaay south of freaking out about it.)


foggy, grief ridden brain (baby gavin’s birthday hit me up in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I’m not a blubbering mess, as I’d expected to be. I’m “just” feeling really incapacitated.)

medical bills/billions of calls to inept insurance company.

richie’s working on a HUGE (read exciting) project and deserves my full support.

lots of fun shoots coming up in the next few weeks.

plus, I just don’t feel like being plugged in right now.  I don’t feel like being socially connected via the www.  I just don’t feel like stressing over blog posts and email land.  I just don’t feel like it.  At all.

and the beauty of being boss???

This: peace out hommies!

I’ll see ya when I see ya.