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I’ve been working SO HARD the last few weeks; it’s been dizzying.

Remember being a kid and trying to dig a hole at the beach? The sand seemed to fill the hole as quickly a you could dig it, and then, once you finally DID make measurable progress, what happened? A wave crashed to shore, and that was that.

Life anyone?! I’ve been living that analogy like crazy over the past few months, and here’s the thing, I refuse to let this BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT time of year pass by this way! None of us should! If there is ONE time of year that we get to call “Uncle” and jut LIVE LIFE without worry, without inhibition, without fear, THIS.IS.IT.

The goose is officially FAT! Let’s deck our halls, eat our figgy pudding, and make our Yuletides gay (for crying out loud)!!  I’m ready to jump up and down and throw some dirt, just because I’m a grownup, and that means I get to act like a kid whenever the heck I feel like it! So there!

Merry Christmas everyone! Let’s DO this thing!!

PS. Just for fun, here’s a ridiculously hilarious (and purposefully obnoxious) little Christmas song Richie and his friend Chris recorded (in his bedroom) about 10 years ago. Enjoy!

Richie Norton Christmas by natalienorton