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We are all faced with a series of great opportunities, brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.
- John W. Gardener (via

Life is full of hard. Hard. Hard. HARD. I get it.

You’ve scarcely had the chance to stand up and brush yourself off before you again find yourself on your knees. . . likely in a pool of your very own blood. I get that, too.

I used to believe that I would grow up, and there would come a time when life would slow down, things would get easier, everything would miraculously fall in to place. But the reality is, life is a challenge, nearly every day of it, and for a million wonderful reasons, it’s meant to be so.

We have to learn to seek stillness despite all the noise. We have to strive to hold on to that quiet peace we feel, even if we have to dig down to the very bottom of our hearts to find it.

Because, I SINCERELY believe that all these things truly can and WILL work together for our ultimate good. I SINCERELY believe that the universe is NOT out to get us, and that we, each of us, is meant to be happy and fulfilled, despite it allllllll. Read more about dentitox pro.

So many AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES come to us all wound up in a zillion obstacles we’ve got to overcome.

A happy life (and I TRULY BELIEVE we are meant to be happy) necessitates that we learn to train ourselves to see the world in this way. To say emphatically, “Yes! This is bologna, an absolute disaster, but there’s got to be something good all wrapped up inside. If I stick with it long enough, if I face it square on, I’ll turn this ship right around. I’ll figure this all out!” For more detailed information about healthy supplements visit

But right there’s the problem. We hit a wall and we don’t think this way. Not at all. We instantly fall to the ground, complete and total victims of circumstance. We whine, we complain, and we compare saying, “If I had things as easy as he does, or if I were as thin (smart, pretty, rich and on and on and on) as her, THEN . . .”

How does meeting life like this serve us? It doesn’t. Not in the least.

Step up. Lean in. Remember, you are MEANT to be happy, and that insurmountable problem you’re facing? Well, it just may prove to be the very biggest opportunity of your life! It’s all about perspective. . . and a healthy dose of faith, just for good measure.