Our halls (read: door) has officially been decked. Such an easy (and cheap) Christmas wreath. I love it. Thanks for the nudge G. And yes, I am VERY impressed by my mad DIY skillz as of late. Arizona is clearly rubbing off on me. (I even created a new DIY category on the blog (see?!) in the off chance the DIY fairy keeps whispering sweet nothings in my ears).

If you want to make something like this for your own door, I recommend doing 2 things better than I did.


1. Use a white foam wreath (Michaels, Joann’s), rather than green, so that if you inadvertently miss a spot with the yarn, you won’t see green blaring through. White would be less noticible by a thousand times.

2.  Run a piece of double stick tape along the perimeter of the wreath before you start wrapping. This will help keep the yarn in place so that it doesn’t become loose and move around from too much handling.

Merry Christmas!