“O how great the plan of our God!” (2 Nephi 9:13)

Because of Him, the grave has no victory. Because of Him, this death, is “temporal, [and] shall deliver up its dead.” (2 Nephi 9:11)  !!!!!!!!!!!

When I woke up yesterday morning, Easter morning, I felt hope. For the first time in weeks, hope, peace and promise. And I knew, I KNOW, that it all happened, just as the scriptures say. He was born, lived the perfect life, atoned for our every sin, died for us on Calvary’s Hill, and on the third day. . .He rose again!


Forgiveness. Love. Friendship. Belonging. Life. . . all gifts from a loving God.

LIFE. That is the greatest gift of all. Because of Him, one day, I know we will be together again. Forever. And that promise moves me through each day with happiness and love, even when my heart is brittle from sorrow and pain.

I can never repay Him for what he has given me. I can however show him how very, very grateful I am… through the living of each and every moment of every, single day.

(all image credit: Jon Canlas, Baby Gavin’s funeral)