I see this picture and I can almost feel you.

I can almost feel the weight–the warmth–of your body on my chest.

Almost smell the sweetness of your skin.

I remember.

I remember you.

As tears flood my swollen eyes, I remember you.

And I ache.

But so closely knit to that hurt is a deep and profound sense of gratitude,
to that God who gave us the little while.

The little while to be together.
The little while that I will cherish for every moment, and through every breath that I take. . .
for the rest of forever.


Grateful for each rise and fall of your chest.

Each clasp of my little finger.

Each and every moment at my breast.

So grateful that amid the hustle of life,
for you, I stopped.

For you, I took a moment, a day, a week. . . every waking hour of your short life,
I stopped and I gave it ALL to you.

Those days that are now lost to the vast expanse of eternity,
they were yours.

And today, tomorrow, and forever . . .
I will be thankful and praise our father for each and every second I spent with you.