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A couple of weeks ago I got an email from my beautifully talented old friend Eliza. (Be SURE to to go her site and listen to “The Growing Kind”.  LOVE.)

Nothing makes me happier than hearing from Eliza, because she just happens to be made of sugar and spice and all things fancy and magical.  Eliza’s ALWAYS got some fun project up her sleeve that you’d just DIE to be a part of.

Here is a portion of her email:

i want to make a video for the attached song . . . my idea is to get the shiniest people i know to sing along to the chorus and get video footage of it (even on your iphone. if you have and can just do right now..on your phone and then email it to me from your phone.) then i’m gonna take your voice off and make it look like my voice is coming out of your mouth. get it?  you don’t have to spend long or be too thoughtful about it or anything. just quick and dirty. . . i actually had you in mind when you wrote this song. . .(“you were sitting there on that step!”) you gave me the idea when you were reminiscing about the jr. high days of our friendship.

Naturally I’m such a basket case lately that I never got my act together and got my video over to Eliza.  I’m so jealous of all these shiny people.  I wish I was shiny and famous like them.

Watch this, and love it, but mostly listen to the Lyrics.  My personal favorite being: “You know, there is a fine line, between giving up and blinding me.”  Enjoy!