I’m tired.

of the white noise and the incessant chatter.

of the inundation of useless information.

of being interested in irrelevance.

I’m exhausted by of the cynicism and the babble.

I have no energy left for the insincerity.

Because life’s too short.

Too short not to find time to splash in puddles just because.

Too short not to mold play dough into the shape of martians with a beautiful 4 year old whose infectious giggle and knack for GOOD conversation are the stuff dreams are made of.

Too short to miss out on rolling around on the trampoline with a 5 year old who has more passion in his upper lip than any adult I’ve ever met the world over.

Too short not to be reading Charlotte’s Web with a soulful 7 year old who every.single.day reminds me of the goodness of God and the beauty of life.

Too short not to be dreaming of a beautiful little boy, whose memory ignites my soul in a way that defies description.

Too short not to be walking on the beach, hand in hand, with a man who loves me all the way to Jupiter and right back again.

I want to laugh. To cry. To love. To LIVE.

. . . in the here and now.

Before it flits away into foggy yesterdays.

because life’s too short not to splash in puddles just because.