Beginner & Intermediate Workshops

I offer two beginning and intermediate workshop options intermittently throughout the year based on demand and availability.  Normally these classes are held locally on the North Shore of Oahu, however if the demand is great enough, and there is an available space to host the workshops, I will gladly consider hosting workshops in other areas as well. Contact me for more information.

PhotoMoms ($150) is geared toward the beginning hobbyist who just wants to take better pictures of the stuff around her (or him. . . don’t let the title fool you).

Some topics included: basic lighting and composition, finding the right moment, photographing every day events (including birthday parties, sport games, casinodames games, days at the beach and etc), basic editing software and how to use it, photographing children.

Foundational Photography ($200) is geared toward helping you learn and understand your camera!  It’s for photographers who have invested the money into buying that big fancy camera and now want to learn how to get the most of it!

Some topics included: manual camera settings, seeing and understanding light and how it affects your photography, achieving proper exposure, intermediate – advanced creative composition, after each class, 15-20min, I’ll be available for q&a: I’m happy to talk about anything under the sun. This will be particularly useful to those of you who are interested in talking business (ie how I got started, what I wish I’d known etc.) as we will not be discussing that in depth during class time.