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Oh oh oh. I met Alexis and JP the day before their beautiful Annisquam, MA wedding.  In about 17 seconds I knew that they are the kind of people you want to have in your lives for the rest of forever. . . their families too. Quality. People. All. And now, the longest post in recorded history. Enjoy.

These first two sets of files, make my heart sing. Annisquam is like going back in time. It’s the very best kind of magic there is.

First we headed in to Boston (about 45 min from the bride’s BEAUTIFUL home in Annisquam) for hair and make up.  Boston = Brick.  The end.

Then back to the bride’s house to finish getting ready for the ceremony.

I drooled over the couple’s letterpressed invites.

Alexis’ sister, Stephanie, after planning the wedding, making favors and 7 million etcs, made this beautiful quilt as a gift to the bride and groom!

She gave it to Alexis just before the ceremony.  It was so incredibly touching to see Alexis’ reaction. . .

Then on to the ceremony outside the bride’s family home.  The view is like nothing you’ve ever seen in your life. . . and from EVERY DIRECTION!

Hello beautiful tree swing built for two!  LOVE.

Sister Stephanie’s lovely favors. . . aaaaaaand, she made the cake to boot.  Truth. Best.sister.ever.

Congratulations Alexis and JP!  It was an HONOR to be a part of your big day!!

A million loves!



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Above, Harrison, Idaho. From or 2 month long road trip/camping extravaganza.
Image Credit: Raleigh (left) Yours Truly (right)  . . both shot with the instax mini 7s

I am in a FUNK.

Of the deep and the dark variety.

So clearly, camping is the only remedy.

Though admittedly it’s heart-wrenching to be here. . . where a year ago to this very week I camped on this very same beach, 9 months pregnant and blissfully unaware of the chasm ahead.

. . . . . . . . .

Ah, the loop of time for the grieving heart.

A custom tailored Hell. Desolate, despondent and horrifying.

An indescribably lonely place to be.

I’ll see you when I pull myself together, because we all know that I will.

In the mean time, I’m giving myself permission to be a mess.

Because quite frankly, after all I’ve been through with gavin 1 and then gavin 2 (before the first was even cold in his grave), if I weren’t, I’d wonder what was wrong with myself.

So there.

xx, N

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above first day of school shots taken on the instax mini 7s

Today I opened Baby Gavin’s closet and silently ran my hand along his clothes . . . hanging there, untouched for so many months, still adorned with tags and the smell of newness.

And my heart was so heavy.  My arms so empty.  My soul so full of sorrow.

Then I heard the howl of laughter from the living room and was reminded of YOU.  All you continue to give me every day.  All you represent.  All your very lives do to remind me of the hope and wonder of living.

You remind me that He hasn’t forgotten us.  That we are not forsaken.  He holds us still. . . even in the midst of pain and indescribable sorrow. . . in the very palm of his hand.

Thank you.

Mommy loves you with all of her.



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Love this family up, down, side to side. SUCH a fun shoot!  . . . have I mentioned how much I love this family? Be sure to check out Nicole’s oh-so-beautiful photography here. Enjoy!  xx!  Me

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kit kats, plus




Just letting you know how I’d get fat if I were you. . . my 30 day cleanse starts today.  See ya on the flip side. . . 10 lbs lighter. xx! Me