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This is my childhood friend, Cynthia. I haven’t seen her since my wedding, or in other words, it’s been nearly 11 years! It was so wonderful to see her radiant self and to meet her beautiful little people, Evan and Jones. Gosh, growing up is so strange and beautiful at the same time. . . I found myself wishing we were 8 years old and trying to stuff Big Gavin down the laundry shoot, but in the same breath, I was basking in the beauty of being all grown up, with happy lives, beautiful children, and . . . well, figurative laundry shoots of our very own. :) Love you, Cyn! Enjoy, ya’ll!

I’m so in love with the color image in the dyad below. It just feeeeeeeels like childhood. Sigh.

Note to Cynthia: bottom right, look closely. What a punk. ;) Bwahahahaha.

If I ever have a daughter, someone promise to recreate this EXACT image for us, deal? You can almost reach out and touch the love.

Fine, you can recreate this next one too. . .

These two little stinkers make me think of Gavin and I, so much (except my face didn’t belong on a Gap Kid’s campaign like Evan’s does).



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I’m so excited to introduce y’all to my dear friends, the Baldwin family. They moved to Arizona just a few months after we did, and our families became fast friends. The first time I met Jacqueline (in passing, at the elementary school), I just KNEW we’d be friends forever. We are so grateful to have this wonderful family in our lives!






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When we moved to Arizona, we brought a little piece of Hawaii along with us. . . meet the Hannemann family! They lived in Hawaii during the last couple of years we were there, and then, as luck would have it, they moved to Arizona just a couple of weeks after we did! It’s such a wonderful blessing having them close! I hope you can feel their love for eachother (and my love for them) through these beautiful images. Enjoy!


This next one made me laugh so hard. Those sweet, squishy faces! Agh!



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The Lindblom family is quite possibly the most adorable family on planet Earth. They’re everything that’s wonderful. In fact, I kinda wish we were neighbors— between they’re awesome kids and mine, we’d own the street, the neighborhood, the town. Thanks for the fun y’all!








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Above photo from beautiful cousin Nicole and her darling Baby Dash. Halloween, 2011.

I introduce to you. . . the Great Pumpkin!

Every year, on Halloween night, the Norton boys bag up all their Halloween loot and leave it out on the front porch for the Great Pumpkin. Once the the boys are in bed and the house is quiet and dark, the Great Pumpkin emerges from the darkness and sizes up said offering. If he deems the sacrifice sufficient, he takes it with him and leaves some long awaited toy, of one kind or another, in it’s place!

I know. I know. Y’welcome.

Great Pumpkin Tips:

1. If you’re worried about the kids being on board, make it optional. Chances are, they’ll be so curious about the surprise, they’ll be all over the idea. If not, when siblings get their presents, they’ll have at least learned their lesson for next year!

2. Let the kids each pick 5-10 of their favorite pieces of candy to keep! “Live a little, mom.”

3. You could always have the Tooth Fairy come pick up the loot instead of the Great Pumpkin! That’s a pretty practical mythical creature to use in a case like this. . . She could leave money, just like she does for teeth. . .

4.  Have the kids write a letter to the Great Pumpkin, the way they do for Santa for an extra touch of festivity!

5. Parents! Be sure to dig through the goodies and hide a stash of your favorite treats before the Great Pumpkin shows up and walks away with all that deliciousness. . . ;)

Happy Halloween!!

**This was originally posted on October 31,2011. It appears here as a revised copy of the original post.