Portrait FAQ

What should I expect during the shoot?

I conduct my portrait and engagement sessions in a variety of ways—my creative angle is always dictated by YOU. We can approach your session from a more candid/photojournalistic angle or from the more traditional “portrait” sense (though most sessions are a nice blend of the two). Once we’ve set a date for our session together, I’ll send over a brief questionairre so we can customize your session in a way that will best serve YOU and will allow us to share a common vision for our time together.

What to wear?!

be you. be you. be YOU.

Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. We’re looking for a harmony of style and color, but that does not have to equal everyone matching down to their socks. Remember, we want to document your family in a way that is fresh and fun, but above all genuine. This shouldn’t be a source of stress! I’m definitely here to help if you need guidance.

Can we wear more than one outfit during the shoot?

Absolutely!  You’re welcome to change your clothes 4 billion times if you want!  The time is after all, yours. Just remember that the more time we spend changing outfits and gussying up, the less time we will actually have for shooting. :)

Can we visit more than one location?

Sure!  I love to explore!  Just remember that if we spend too much time hoping from place to place, we won’t have as much time for shooting. :)

Does the session fee include images?

Session fees do not include images.

After our shoot, how long until I get to see my images?!

2-3 weeks after our session together, your proofs (unedited digital files) will be uploaded to a private, password protected proofing site. There you will be able to view and purchase prints, albums or digital files (GASP! I’m not going to hold your digital files hostage!) at your convenience for up to 30 days. Contact me for detailed print pricing information.

Are you available for travel?

I am available for travel worldwide. Travel plans are dictated by interest in a specific region.

For portrait sessions off the island of Oahu but still within the state of Hawaii, I require at least 3 sessions to make the trip (only 2 if you live on the island of Maui). For portrait sessions outside of Hawaii, I generally require at least 6 bookings to make the trip. Contact me for specific information on travel for portrait sessions.

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