This is the beautiful Norton family (nope, no relation). They are spectacular in every way. It’s beautiful the way they love, laugh, play together. I left this session very much inspired to give more love, laughter and play to my own beautiful little Norton clan. :) Enjoy!

This lovely couple was such a joy to photograph. We only had about 20 minutes together, and it was plenty of time to capture their BEAUTIFUL love for one another. With a couple this in love, I could have gotten everything wrapped in 5! Nick and Alysha, thank you for the fun afternoon together! xo! Enjoy!

Love the image below, left. LOVE. Alysha, you blow my mind.


This picture of Jessica and her husband makes me exceptionally happy. It’s always an honor when another photographer hires me to photograph her (his) family, and I have many more lovely images from this session to share with you, but something about this image in particular just really speaks to me.

Somewhere in the lunacy that has been the last couple of months of my life, I turned 30. THIRTY.  It’s ridiculous (and somewhat embarrassing) that it hit me as hard as it did. I normally pride myself in being unaffected by events like this. I honestly anticipated the date to come and go with little notice or care, but it didn’t. I’m not feeling old, or having a midlife crisis, or anything of the sort, but I do find myself reflecting on the last 30 years and realizing that I am, in fact, in the second third of my life. Gosh, when you think about it that way, it feels pretty darn significant. What do I want to do? Who do I want to become? Where have I been and what does that say about where I may or may not be headed? My mind is constantly dancing in and out of these types of thoughts, and I keep having to consciously pull myself back to my mantra: Make a plan. Keep it simple. Work your plan. Every single day.

So here it is: I want to love better. To listen harder. To serve and give from a deeper corner of my soul. I want to be more grateful for the abundance with which I’ve been blessed, and I want to reach out to others with greater kindness and compassion. I want to make a difference. And that’s it. Everything else can fit in as it may (or may not).

THAT is why this image makes my heart sing, because it makes me want to love, to give, to cherish, to LIVE.

I hope you’re having a beautiful Wednesday.



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Enjoy your weekending fun.
Find lots of reasons to laugh and frolic,
because Summer’s wrapping up faster than you can say,
“slip n’slides and Otter Pops.”

Happy birthday, pretty lady. We sure will miss you. xoxo, N