So. My parents bought the boys new shoes. Yes, they are freakishly ugly, but I am probably more excited about these shoes than any article of clothing they have ever owned.

Exhibit a.

They are Velcro. (If I have to tie another shoelace, when we’re already late for school, FORCRYINGOUTLOUD, I’m going to cut off my hands with a butter knife).

Exhibit b.

They are open air, like sandals, BUT have closed toes and heels so they’re still suitable for the school dress code. Plus, they don’t require socks! This means there are no complaints of (read: panic attacks over) itchy or “scrunched up” socks. Halle-stinkin-lujah!

Exhibit c.

Their feet will no longer wreak of DEATH and PERDITION because, as aforementioned, they are open air, like a sandal.

Again, ugly as sin, and the BEST.SHOES.EVER.

Cardon loved his SO MUCH in fact that he refused to take them off. He spent the entire evening wearing them. INCLUDING the 45 minutes or so he spent walking around the house naked. Well, naked that is EXCEPT for the ugly shoes. At one point, I found him stark naked (aside from said shoes), on the toilet, spinning an unwrapped tampon over top his head. When I walked in on him and told him to throw it away, he looked at me clueless as could be and said, “Why? What the heck is it for.” I pretended not to hear, naturally, and walked out of the room. He yelled after me, “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS THING FOOOOOOOOR?!!!” I ignored him. Again, naturally.

And that was Wednesday night. Nakedness, ugly-awesome shoes, and tampons.

The end.

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“I’m not dead yet!”

Not dead yet, but close.  Naw, just exhausted. In that completely exhilarating and inexplicable way that only a mother can understand. I love my kids SO MUCH, it’s dizzying. I’m working harder than I have ever worked (in my entire life). In fact, I spend a good amount of time wondering WHY and HOW I haven’t yet lost my marbles. It’s remarkable, really.

The more time I spend on the right things, the more energy I have for EVERYTHING in my life.

My kids INFUSE me! With all kinds of crazy? Yes! Naturally! BUT shockingly, they also give me the passion and enthusiasm to accomplish everything else that’s important in my life. It’s exciting. . . and miraculous. . . and overwhelming. . . and so.very.beautiful.

My heart is FILLED to the brim with gratitude for this important lesson learned.


PS. Running post coming TOMORROW. Cross my heart and hope I never, ever die. . . at least not YET. Har har har.
PPS. Tell me you’ve seen Monte Python, so I don’t seem like the very lunatic I just spent an entire post trying to convince you that I’m NOT.

My wonderful Mother-in-law sent me this this morning, and I’m pretty sure I laughed for 5 solid minutes. I KNOW there are moments that each of us can relate to this. Don’t you dare try and tell me otherwise. Parenthood is a battle, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The important thing, I suppose, is that we just keep getting back on the horse and trying again. . .  even if said horse just kicked in our teeth and stomped on our sternum.

All joking aside, I really believe that these kids (yours and mine) are remarkable little spirits, sent to us from God, and that they are capable of so.many.miraculous.things if we can just help them see their tremendous capacity and worth. It’s our responsibility to get up every morning and give them the very best we have to offer. Even when we’re exhausted to the core and in complete emotional deficit. All they need is our very best ;) . . . even if some nights that equates to cereal for dinner.

“Our very best” will fluctuate from day to day, and that’s OK. I really believe that ultimately parenthood life is all about LOVE, abundant and unconditional. That’s all any of us, grown or teeny weenie, are really looking for anyway. Someone to look into our eyes and to say, “I may not be perfect, but I love you, no matter what.”