Redeye. Check.

Meet Richie at the airport. Check.

Drive to the Cause For Hope offices and have a REMARKABLY inspiring (and exciting) consult. Check. And PS, check these people out; they’re making real waves.

Dash off to the Triad Building in downtown Salt Lake City for an interview with KSL. Double check.

Change clothes in the parking lot. Try not to look like a wet mutt. Check… Ish. When you see the footage, remind yourself, redeye. Mahalo.

Manage said interview and all the tears that come along with it. Sniff, sniff. Check.

Jet up to Deer Valley to get our presenter packs for the LDSBC and check in to wonderfully charming Chateaux at Silver Lake. Check.

Feed Natalie’s face (for the first time in over 48 hours, truth). CHECK.

Aaaaaaaand break! What a glorious day! Mostly it was magical just being with my boyfriend sans kids. Wow, I truly think I forgot what silence sounds like. . .

I love Utah. If The Great Salt Lake had waves (and the winters weren’t so horrendous) we’d actually consider living here. Though Park City would likely be the only option for us, because I’m somewhat obsessed with this place. It feels like the skier’s version of Haleiwa. Down to Earth, relaxed, a great creative community, and of course, the landscape is amazing! Right up my alley. Again, minus the Siberian temperatures and the 97 billion feet of snow a year.

Tonight Richie and I had dinner at Zoom. Goodness gracious folks. Goodness gracious. I’d eaten there a couple of times before with my family when I was a kid, but I mustn’t have grown into my tongue yet, because I don’t remember it being anything like what we experienced tonight. Wow.

Zoom is owned by Sundance, and the walls are adorned with the most AMAZING Sundance Film Festival promotional posters! Like, seriously, some of the designs will blow your mind. I spent a good 10 minutes just standing there staring at them (Jane, you would have been drooling). I tried to find some examples of my personal favorites online, but this one was the only one I could find. If you ever find yourself in Park City, I highly recommend stopping by Zoom, if for no other reason than to enjoy these designs. . . Though visiting Zoom without also enjoying dinner, would literally be sinful.

And now, goodnight. Finally.


It is officially 2011. It wasn’t official until this very moment when I started blogging, from an airplane, on my iPad. What in the world!!? The lives we lead…

This post will be short, because let’s face it, typing on your iPad gets old, fast. But hey, I could be making parchment and writing with coal … or something. It’s all a matter of perspective. (Did “they” even do that? Write with coal? I have no idea.)

I’m off to Utah for a couple of meetings, an interview, and then to speak at the LDS Business Conference on Friday. Life is BIG; can I just say that out loud? LIFE IS HUGE, and it makes me feel so small in comparison.

As I was waiting the security line this evening, I saw a young man, dressed in a suit and tie, saying a tear-filled goodbye to friends and family. He’s off to serve a 2 year, non paid, mission for his (our) church. This 19 year old boy is off to Madagascar. MADAGASCAR! He was so brave. They all were. Tears yes, but also pride, courage and more conviction than I can articulate. After we’d gone through security, he and I had a moment to chat. All I could think to say was, “It’s going to be big, it’s going to be HUGE, but God is soooooooo much bigger.” But he obviously already knew that.

Its true. God IS bigger than all of it, and the beautiful reality is that when we’re engaged in the right things, His hand is IN all of it as well. I’ll be reminding myself of this truth all week as I battle all my insecurities and a million feelings of inadequacy. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that battles like these are best won on your knees.


Check it out! Richie and I will be speaking at the LDS Business Conference (April 7-8, 2011) in Park City, UT!

We are completely honored (and somewhat dumbfounded) to be speaking along with business greats, Stephen R. Covey, Stephen M.R. Covey, Sheri Dew, Kevin Rollins, Bob Gay, Mark Willes and more.  Richie and I speak back to back on Friday the 8th and would love to see you there! In fact. . .

Exclusive Discount!

As an exclusive discount for Natalie Norton Blog readers, the LDSBC is offering a special day rate for those who would like to attend the conference on APRIL THE 8TH ONLY. Speakers that day include: Stephen R. Covey, Stephen M.R. Covey, Kevin Rollins, Richie Norton, Natalie Norton, and more.

Couple Day Pass (attendee + spouse): $650
Single Day Pass (attendee only): $400
Student Day Pass (with valid student ID): $100

Day passes are valid for the entire event on Friday, April 8th, including lunch. Please note: day passes do not include the closing dinner.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to learn and network with a peer group of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders!

To take advantage of this exclusive (and REMARKABLY GENEROUS) discount, contact Trisha at trishazemp{at}ldsbusinessconference{dot}com or call 801-576-2636 (ask to be connected to Trisha).

We would LOVE to see you there!!! And no, you do not have to be a member of the LDS church to attend (because I know at least 4 million of you are wondering that;)).

Happy weekending!



Check out this amazing video shot by our friend, the ever talented Devin Graham. It features another good friend of ours, Jase, and his amazing new skate line, Jaseboards. While we all wait patiently for the official launch of the Jaseboards site, you can enter to win not 1 but 2 free Jaseboards here!

Enter by Tuesday, March 1, at 5:00pm Hawaii Standard Time to win 2 free Jaseboards!

Sorry for my absurdly long absence! I miss you! While I was traveling on the mainland, I contracted Influenza A + some wicked secondary infection and have been on my back ever since. Fingers crossed I’m on the mend and that life (and blogging) as we know it will be back to normal soon!


Breathe, because nothing’s more important than them.
Image credit: my dear friend Amelia Lyon. Circa when Amelia? 2007?!

The Breathe Scholarship! Enter Now!

You know you want to be with us in Vegas on February 22nd, and you’ve got to know that I really want you to be there too! I really, really do.

I’m starting a revolution, and I want YOUR family, YOUR business, YOU to be a part of that.

I’m ready. Ready to make big waves affecting the way mothers approach their businesses, their families, their marriages, their LIVES. Scratch that! I’m ready to make big waves affecting the way YOU approach YOUR business, YOUR family, YOUR marriage, YOUR life! You deserve brilliance, balance and fulfillment at home, passion and purpose in your marriage, and remarkable satisfaction, sustainability and success in your businesses. And you are completely and totally capable of making that happen in your own life, right now. There’s no magic bullet here, just tried and true tools, ideas and resources. If you’re ready and willing to put them into play in the routines that make up your own world, you will see a radical change in the culture of your home, the happiness in your marriage, and last but certainly not least, your bottom line.

No matter where you are in your business and life, if you are a mother and an entrepreneur (or hope to be), this workshop is for you. It will literally change your life. Lofty promise? Not in the least. I’m THAT confident that if you’re willing to put in the smart work, The Breathe Intensive will revolutionize your life from the ground up.

Again, I’m starting a revolution, and I want YOU to be a part of it. So. . .

I’m giving away not one, but TWO seats to The Breathe Intensive in Las Vegas on February 22nd!

To enter:

1. Comment below and tell me why you want to come to Breathe. You don’t have to say much, just make sure it’s completely and totally transparent and comes from the deepest corner of your heart.
2. Tweet, Facebook, blog, Tumble the news about the giveaway. Shout it from the rooftops if you must (here is the direct link to this post), because if your friend enters and wins, guess what? They get to bring YOU along as their guest!
3. All entries must be received in the comment section below by no later than Friday, February 4th at 11:58pm Hawaii Standard Time. (Yes, 11:58pm. Why? Because I’m the boss around here and that just made me laugh out loud).

Winners will be announced Monday, February 7th. (Or you may secure your seat by registering now, here.)

Good luck!

I CANNOT WAIT to see you at The MGM Grand!