This morning, as we drove the boys to school, Richie in the back seat right along with the rest of the crazies, everyone singing along to The Beatles (my absolute favorite band), reading family scriptures, having family prayer, and then shouting our “I love you’s” back and forth as the boys piled out of the van and bounced joyfully into the world. . . I was filled to overflowing with gratitude and joy.

We’ve worked so hard, Richie and I, to set up our lives intentionally. Early in our marriage, we sat down together and decided upon staunch priorities surrounding what we wanted our life together to look and feel like. (NOTE: It’s no surprise that the majority of those goals centered around the kind of life we hoped to be able to provide for our children).  I’m so happy to report (to myself more than anyone else) that despite pitfalls, roadblocks, discouragement, and outright failures (yes, plural), we’ve remained committed to the things we deemed (together) to matter the very most. Case in point the ability to drive the boys to school—together—in the mornings, and the luxury of picking them up—together—in the afternoons. This is a small example of a bigger picture reality we have worked so hard to achieve.

Not to say that we’ve got it all perfect. We still have SO (so so so so so SO) far to go, but we’re on the right path—the pathway toward our intentional life, and it is so absolutely energizing and fulfilling that my heart nearly bursts with joy just thinking about it.

Intentional living will look different for everyone, but friends, do the work to get clear (about what you want your life to look like) and then get busy (creating the life of your dreams). You CAN do it, and you’ll be so glad you did!

Allow me to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Ms Karen Lamb: ”A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.”




The story of “happily ever after” is a very true myth. . . in every sense of the blatant oxymoron.

This past week, Richie and I had a very significant paradigm shift as it relates to a certain area of our marriage. It was SO eye opening that I simply had to share my thoughts on the matter, if for no other reason than so as not to forget them myself. . .

To be obnoxiously vague: for the last 5 years, Richie and I have struggled to see eye to eye on a certain topic in our lives together. It’s a fairly serious issue, and our inability to navigate it in unity has caused each of us tremendous frustration. It has unwittingly complicated many discussions and has very much clouded our ability to work through certain other, very normal, day to day occurrences in our lives. No fun, at all.

A few days ago, we were dancing around the issue (as we had a tendency to do, so as to avoid unnecessary argument) when Richie happened to explain something to me in a way he’d never done before. They were a few simple words: “You know what I’m working towards.” BAM! Those words hit me like lightening and completely changed my paradigm. Suddenly we were a team. Suddenly we were working together toward something very real, and RIDICULOUSLY important to both of us. In those 6 words, we found unity, we found commitment, we found focus, we found rest.

We had discovered the ability to walk together through this “thing”, completely trusting one another’s intentions and being ABSOLUTELY grateful for each other’s company.

One of the most important things we discuss at The Breathe Intensive, is the necessity of clearly defined expectations and roles between husband and wife. These roles/goals will most definitely differ from one family to the next, but their presence is essential to the overall happiness and success of each and every family on the planet.

This week, I took my own advice, and got on the same page as the man I love. It has made all the difference.

Richie, so grateful to be walking this path by YOUR side. xo, Nat Nat

PS. All y’all: post on frizz free curls coming later this evening. Stay tuned!