Don’t forget to enter to win The Breathe Scholarship (for mother entrepreneurs!) by this Friday!!! I’d love to see you in Phoenix!


I love these people. Jackie is probably the most loving, generous, joyous person I know; I’ve never known a harder worker or a more capable person than Chris, and how could you not just adore Darla and Dexter?! I love the Kontoes family! I can’t wait to meet that little bun Jackie has growing in her oven! Enjoy!

These images, and this family, make me so ridiculously happy. Chris and Richie have been best friends since before I entered the picture, and I’ve adored Treesje since the moment I met her. We don’t see the Bennett’s much. They live in Utah and we live in the middle of an ocean a zillion miles away. BUT whenever we DO get together, it’s like we haven’t skipped a beat. We dream of the day when they show up on this rock and decide to call it home. Chris and Treesje, we love you! Enjoy!

George Bernard Shaw once said, “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” The Albertson family showed me that this theory is, in fact, absolute truth. Enjoy.

Remember this cute booty from yesterday? Well, here’s the beautiful family it belongs to. We had such a wonderful afternoon together! After spending time in their wonderfully eclectic living space, I’m pretty near certain that Ashley and I have identical taste in art and home decor. Wish I could move in. . . Thank you for the fun Lukens family!


Be sure to check out Ashley’s wonderful store/website, Baby Awearness. One of the only drawbacks to living in Hawaii is that occasionally there is a lack of the types of resources you’d find in other communities. What Ashley has done with Baby Awearness here on Oahu is really quite remarkable. The business focuses on providing echo friendly and organic options for families who want to learn to live greener, healthier, happier lives. The shop is the largest retailer of cloth diapers on the island, they offer a library of parenting books that you can literally borrow and return, and host all kinds of parenting classes/workshops: organic gardening, cooking, baby sign language, mommy/baby yoga, and more. Told you she’s cool.

I can’t wait to show you the rest of her!

I’ve committed to at least 7 hours of sleep a night for the next 11 days. Seems like no big deal, but it surprising how quickly the night can get away from you if you’re not careful! Off to bed. More of this lovely lady coming soon!