This lovely couple was such a joy to photograph. We only had about 20 minutes together, and it was plenty of time to capture their BEAUTIFUL love for one another. With a couple this in love, I could have gotten everything wrapped in 5! Nick and Alysha, thank you for the fun afternoon together! xo! Enjoy!

Love the image below, left. LOVE. Alysha, you blow my mind.

Enjoy your weekending fun.
Find lots of reasons to laugh and frolic,
because Summer’s wrapping up faster than you can say,
“slip n’slides and Otter Pops.”

Today is my birthday, so as a gift from me to you, I give you one of my favorite families of all time. I love you Matty, Lindsay and Parker; I miss you every day. Enjoy.

OK. So Lindsay, apparently, is a horse whisperer. . . which is a really good thing, because I was pretty much freaking out of my mind. Horses scare me silly. Embarrassing, I know. PS. This next series of shots are my favorites of the day. . .

No that is not poo in her hand, which is a really good thing, because. . .

she ate it.

And then Matty decided the only normal response was to wipe her mouth with the “clean side” of her diaper.

This next series of shots are my second favorites of the day.

Belly buttons and boobies. Classy Parker. Classy.

Alright, this next one might be my actual favorite of all. . . I’m fickle today.

Happy birthday to you. xx! Me

This family brings me so much joy. Have you ever seen such real, tangible happiness? They essentially showed up, played around and let me watch. It’s my favorite kind of session. I wish every client would do it this way, because THESE are the kinds of images you end up with:

This next shot is ALMOST my favorite of the day. . . I love it!

The next shot is OFFICIALLY my favorite shot of the day. . . SO MUCH REAL LOVE! Love it!

If this were my family, I’d have this next shot up on my wall in a million x a million. No question. I love it.

This next one makes me so happy. Nothing like sweaty little boy hair. I can almost smell him. . . nothing says little boy like the copper penny smell of Summer. . .

Hope your weekend was perfect! xx! N

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This family blew my mind. I already knew I loved Tory. She attended Breathe in Vegas in February, and we were instant friends. We’ve continued to get to know each other through the Breathe forum, and I’ve learned that Tory has an insatiable passion for work (check out her lovely photography), family, life; I love her for it! After meeting Sean, Pierce and Layton, I am completely smitten. What a WONDERFUL family in every way. You can almost TASTE the love in every image. Ahh! Love it!  Enjoy!

This next image is my favorite image, by a million and one times.