Remember Jane and her awesome husband, Conor?! Well, now they’ve got a little Henry bun in the oven! I.CANNOT.WAIT to meet him! It was SO WONDERFUL to be back in Hawaii to shoot them at this exciting, joyful time of their lives! Love you J + C. Baby Henry, hurry the heck up!


PS. It totally hurt my heart to go through these images. Homesick to the power of a zillion. Oh Hawaii, why can’t you be less perfect so my heart can heal?

This is my beautiful sister, Stephanie, and my perfect niece, Ireland. Yes, I have two half-sisters from my Dad’s first marriage who I have been getting to know over the past few years. They are in my life. More wonderful blessings to be grateful for.

xo, N

PS. NO, Stephanie is not naked. I know you’re wondering. ;) They’d just gotten out of the pool; she’s in her swimming suit. ;)

I first met sweet Courtney at The Breathe Intensive in Las Vegas last February. The first thing I noticed was her overwhelming smile and her bright, bright eyes. . . so full of kindness and love. She is a beautiful woman, a brilliant designer and a completely exceptional mother. I feel honored to know her. Truly.

It was AMAZING to get to know her LOVELY little family during our session together in California. They are crazy about each other, and it shows. I’ve enjoyed working on these images! I can just FEEL their love jumping off the screen. Ahh! Love these images. Love this family. LOVE. Enjoy! xo! N

Remember this darling family? I know, how could you forget, right?! They were just as beautiful and charming as ever when I showed up (bright and early) to shoot their BEAUTIFUL new addition. Oh! He did my soul good. How could he not? Straight from the stork. . . he still smelled of Heaven itself. Enjoy!

This next one is DEFINITELY my favorite daddy + baby image of all time. No contest.

This is the beautiful Norton family (nope, no relation). They are spectacular in every way. It’s beautiful the way they love, laugh, play together. I left this session very much inspired to give more love, laughter and play to my own beautiful little Norton clan. :) Enjoy!