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Reporter Jennifer Stagg did a fantastic job on our family’s feature that ran tonight on KSL in UT. Of all the interviews I’ve given over the last year and a half, this one was by far the most well done. (Just one quick thing, the piece mentions that we traveled with Gavin at 1 week old. He was actually 2 months old when we took that trip.) PLEASE share this video! We need to spread this important information any way we can. Here is the direct link to Gavin’s story on KSL. From there you can easily tweet, like on facebook or get the embed code to post this video to a blog or website.

Go Gavin GO!

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Choosing felt completely impossible. Utterly so. THANK YOU so very, very, VERY much to all who entered. Reading your words always brings with it a heavy dose of humility.

The selection process, while daunting, also made me SO excited for the Phoenix intensive!! Every comment I read, reminded me why this workshop is so incredibly important and the remarkable difference it makes in the lives of families everywhere (mine as much as any)! It’s game changing to say the very least. We’re only a couple of weeks away! Yaeeeeee!!!

Congratulations to Paula + guest!

Can’t wait to see you in Phoenix!

The rest of you, take advantage of the early bird rate and register by 11:59pm Hawaii Standard Time, TODAY, 5/6/2011!!!

Register online at
(simply copy and paste the link into your browser)

The Breathe Scholarship (for mother entrepreneurs) ends on Friday! Be sure to enter here!

This family blew my mind. I already knew I loved Tory. She attended Breathe in Vegas in February, and we were instant friends. We’ve continued to get to know each other through the Breathe forum, and I’ve learned that Tory has an insatiable passion for work (check out her lovely photography), family, life; I love her for it! After meeting Sean, Pierce and Layton, I am completely smitten. What a WONDERFUL family in every way. You can almost TASTE the love in every image. Ahh! Love it!  Enjoy!

This next image is my favorite image, by a million and one times.

Don’t forget to enter to win The Breathe Scholarship (for mother entrepreneurs!) by this Friday!!! I’d love to see you in Phoenix!


I love these people. Jackie is probably the most loving, generous, joyous person I know; I’ve never known a harder worker or a more capable person than Chris, and how could you not just adore Darla and Dexter?! I love the Kontoes family! I can’t wait to meet that little bun Jackie has growing in her oven! Enjoy!