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Congrats to Monique Schaffer for winning the t-shirt giveaway from Designer Teez! Email your mailing address to natalienorton{at}gmail{dot}com and I’ll get this off to you faster than you can say, “naughty toddler.”  xo!

So. My parents bought the boys new shoes. Yes, they are freakishly ugly, but I am probably more excited about these shoes than any article of clothing they have ever owned.

Exhibit a.

They are Velcro. (If I have to tie another shoelace, when we’re already late for school, FORCRYINGOUTLOUD, I’m going to cut off my hands with a butter knife).

Exhibit b.

They are open air, like sandals, BUT have closed toes and heels so they’re still suitable for the school dress code. Plus, they don’t require socks! This means there are no complaints of (read: panic attacks over) itchy or “scrunched up” socks. Halle-stinkin-lujah!

Exhibit c.

Their feet will no longer wreak of DEATH and PERDITION because, as aforementioned, they are open air, like a sandal.

Again, ugly as sin, and the BEST.SHOES.EVER.

Cardon loved his SO MUCH in fact that he refused to take them off. He spent the entire evening wearing them. INCLUDING the 45 minutes or so he spent walking around the house naked. Well, naked that is EXCEPT for the ugly shoes. At one point, I found him stark naked (aside from said shoes), on the toilet, spinning an unwrapped tampon over top his head. When I walked in on him and told him to throw it away, he looked at me clueless as could be and said, “Why? What the heck is it for.” I pretended not to hear, naturally, and walked out of the room. He yelled after me, “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS THING FOOOOOOOOR?!!!” I ignored him. Again, naturally.

And that was Wednesday night. Nakedness, ugly-awesome shoes, and tampons.

The end.

PS. Don’t forget to enter the t shirt giveaway; winner will be announced tomorrow, THURSDAY afternoon (10/6) + did you see Emory and Alison’s BEAUTIFUL Hawaii wedding?

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How do I introduce a couple like Emory and Alison? There really is no way I can think of. . . . No words to explain their generosity, grace, passion for one another, intense love for their friends and family. I’ve no way to articulate the way that even as strangers, when you’re with them, you hope you’ll be friends forever. And really, I hope we will. Emory and Alison, a million congratulations and then a million more. You truly are made for each other. Namaste and aloooooha! I love you! Enjoy!

And ummmm. . . there are a lot of images. You might want to, I don’t know, grab a sandwich or something. ;)

How could you not drool over these next two? LOVE.

I loved Alison’s relationship with her sweet brother. They reminded me so much of Gavin and I. . .

I’m so in love with this next series. I wish they were my family so I could justify framing them in my home! These images just make me SO HAPPY!  

I love this next shot by Alisa*; it might actually be my very favorite of the day. There’s so much beauty and truth here. I feel like I could reach out and touch it.

Alisa also shot these next two flower shots as well. LOVE THEM. Just a side not, having a RELIABLE second shooter along, is essential.  It alleviates so much of the burden of feeling like you have to be everywhere at once. A second set of eyes is worth its weight in gold, as it allows me to put my focus where it SHOULD be, on the bride and groom.

And then we PARTIED. . .

And they lived happily ever after. . . naturally.

*A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE “mahalo” to the WONDERFUL Alisa Greig for second shooting and to BFF Lindsay for keeping me sane and carrying my pretty bag. Honestly, Alisa gives photographers, friends, mothers, WOMEN IN GENERAL a good name and Lindsay, well, she’s simply irreplaceable. Truly, a bosom friend.  I love you both!

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Above, completely awkward, picture of yours truly shot by Richie using the Hipstamatic app for Iphone.
Like my messy house in the background? Y’welcome.

Remember this quote from this post? Well the other day, the owner of Designer Teez, Mike, sent me this bad boy (in both black and red). I LOVE it! Richie and I laughed our faces off when I tried it on. I’m admittedly a little leery about wearing it in public, because you know, people who don’t know me probably won’t see the amazing humor in it the way that I do. But I think, at the very least, I could pull it off at the gym. What do YOU think!?

I just have to make sure I remember to change before you know, showing up at a March of Dimes speaking engagement or something. . . or picking the kids up from school for that matter. Somehow I don’t think all these sweet, conservative little Arizona momma’s would know what to make of me. . .

Want one of your very own?

Comment below and I’ll send you whichever one I decide I don’t need. . . I’m leaning toward keeping the red, so the black (Women’s M) is up for grabs to one lucky commenter (to be chosen at random on Thursday afternoon).

Just FYI, Mike’s email read:

“I’m glad that you can see the humor in that particular t-shirt as I though of it after we had our 2nd child and was having a moment of panic . . . or frustration. But kids are the greatest things in the world and your blog shows what is really important in life. Thank you again.”

I’m so glad for all you blog friends who come and read and share and . . . well, simply participate in my life (albiet virtually).

Sincerely, you make a difference in my life, every single day.

xo, N