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This is a woman who I don’t know, except that I do.

Because I have fought this fight.

I have felt the horror of these never ending hours.

I have cried the exhausted tears of day after day of relentless fear and struggle. . . and faith. . . so much faith and hope you can taste it. You can feel it stirring around you in a way that is remarkable beyond measure.

Tonight, I knelt for this family. I asked God to uplift them in his perfect grace, to steady their hearts and to clear their minds. I pleaded with Him to give them the comfort that only he can provide. I prayed that that beautiful little baby will receive the miracle that her mommy’s heart desires. . . I prayed that this family will once again be made whole, here, now.

Please, join me in this prayer. God is good. He is mindful of his children as they suffer. He is a God of miracles, and he definitely answers our prayers of faith.

xo, N

PS. Please go to their blog and give them some love. I can never express to you what your words of love, kindness, support and faith did for me as we fought for our Gavin. . .  by the way, I love you. So much.