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On this day of all days.

I couldn’t say nothing.

and I couldn’t think of a single thing to say.

so. . .  I’ll let Bill Clinton (of all people) do the talking. . .

because this. . .
well, this is brilliant.

this is beautiful.

and this, well, this is true.

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

God bless this land that I love.

And to those of you who lost on that dreadful day . . .
know that today, a girl in the middle of the Pacific ocean knelt and said a prayer for you.



I shot this fun session at Envision | Seattle. The workshop was such an amazing experience in every.single.way. Thank you to all who came, and a HUGE thanks to Erin and Conor for coming down from Portland to model for us!

Can’t wait to post your beautiful wedding soon!



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Decor: Jackie Kontoes and Katie Speed
Garlands + headbands + hair clips + cake toppers: Pretty Swell
Cake: Jackie Kontoes

Thanks girls for all the magic!

Portland smells like Heaven.

People here smile. . . with authenticity.

and I like it.

They here don’t offer you bags at checkout counters.

and they seem to have traded their Birkenstocks for Toms.

I like it here.

and everything about it makes me miss you.

The two of you would have gotten along nicely.

Portland and you.

Enough Tom foolery.

I love you.

Time to come home.

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Hello world!

Nothing makes me happier than you, HERE, right now! 7 billion years, 2,400 sleepless nights, and 917 frozen pizzas later. . . we’re finally up.and.running!  WAHOOOOOOO! I cannot.stop.smiling. It’s like my birthday fell on Christmas and then I won the lottery, twice.

Here are few little tips to help you get to know the new layout!  Enjoy!

let’s connect + quick post preview option:

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Now go ahead and poke around on your own!
Be sure to comment and let me know what you think!



PS. We launched with 2 pages of content. Don’t miss Ben and Chelsea or the Raynor Family on page 2!

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