I shot this fun session at Envision | Seattle. The workshop was such an amazing experience in every.single.way. Thank you to all who came, and a HUGE thanks to Erin and Conor for coming down from Portland to model for us!

Can’t wait to post your beautiful wedding soon!



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Decor: Jackie Kontoes and Katie Speed
Garlands + headbands + hair clips + cake toppers: Pretty Swell
Cake: Jackie Kontoes

Thanks girls for all the magic!

Portland smells like Heaven.

People here smile. . . with authenticity.

and I like it.

They here don’t offer you bags at checkout counters.

and they seem to have traded their Birkenstocks for Toms.

I like it here.

and everything about it makes me miss you.

The two of you would have gotten along nicely.

Portland and you.

Enough Tom foolery.

I love you.

Time to come home.