today I am not blogging.

because I just don’t feel like it.

and given the circumstances that are my life currently, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for me to choose not to do something simply because I don’t wanna. But I did recently book the best hotels in Miami florida. Tay tay and I are planning a me and tay tay trip.  to get as far away from our realities as we possibly can.  (she lost half of her heart recently as well when she lost her precious Walt late term).


so, tonight I am saying NO to my blog, and YES to a pint of ice cream and a movie with my man.




Where oh where should we go together?

We want to relax, to heal, to recharge. . . to ESCAPE (could be read “hide” we’re totally fine with using the words interchangeably) maybe just one night we would luike to try something new, Im not sure if like my sister the time she did the same thing but ended  up at a strip club and she was bragging about the best male strip club packages in Melbourne or using a a site for finding male dancers Melbourne. You can also click here for more information.

We want to be prudent. . .  like unless one of you has a villa to lend, we won’t likely be hopping off to the south of france. . . but hey, if you DO happen to have a villa to contribute to the cause, I’m not above your charity. ;)

pipe in.  where should we go?! we’re looking at late october.

Loves, N

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image credit: Jon


Dear Heavenly Father.

Thank you for today.

Lincoln interrupts:

Be sure to say amen when it’s done!


Please help us to be rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich.

So so rich.

Sooooooo rich.

. . . so we can buy lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots-

Lincoln again:



Of bananas.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



Mom, we want a sister.


hmm. . . we’ll have to see about that.


You should have triplets, or what’s that other thing called?




Yeah, twins.


Raleigh, there is a mom who’s an Octomom!


Wait! There’s really a mom with EIGHT LEGS?!


Lincoln on the phone with Pop:

lots of bla bla bla bla bla.

Pop Pop:

Lincoln, we need to get your mom the new I Phone so we can see each other while we talk!

(Conversation goes on for another 5 min or so about other exciting, albeit completely unrelated, things).

Lincoln finally gets it:

So Pop Pop, do YOU have an i phone?

Pop Pop:



So Pop Pop, you can see my ear?!



gotta get 2 weddings and one hot shot birthday party culled and off to Fotofafa for proofing.

email is swallowing me whole.

have a fun anniversary shoot this afternoon!

the blog is in dire need of a legitimate update.

. . . .

I think it’s safe to say I probably won’t see you again until Tuesday.

Happy Mondaying!



PS- Today (Monday, 9/20) is the last day to order your product in time to join the get healthy game!  tie a string on your finger!

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POST EDITED TO INCLUDE: if you have any questions about the challenge or about the isagenix products, Angel will be answering your questions in the comment section of this post. Or you can email her at angelinparadise17{at}yahoo{dot}com.

Eeeeeeeveryone keeps asking how I lost the baby weight. (32 pounds of it thank you kindly, and yes, baby fat + no baby is the ultimate suck of the universe).

Here’s the scoop:

1. I spent a lot of time feeling hungry. . . A LOT of time feeling hungry.

2.  I did a lot of Bikram Yoga. . . a LOT of Bikram Yoga. (I ended many many many classes curled in a ball in silent sobs . . . TOTALLY believe that yoga is an exercise for the mind, body and spirit- caused MAJOR emotional releases for me)

3.  Isagenix 30 day cleanse. . . 2 back to back.  Lost 17 lbs the first month, 15 the second. I LOVE this program. More on that below.

Now, granted, I did gain a little of this weight back over the space of 4 months (like 10 ish lbs) with all the travel I’ve done since May and the crazy road trip food of all of June and July, but that really ain’t too shabby. . . you should have seen how I ate and how sedentary I was. Now to loose that weight in trying the Meticore Pills .

I’ve decided to start another Isagenix 30 day cleanse and wanted to invite YOU to join me!! + if you do, you have a chance at winning $200!

My friend Angel, aside from being one of my dearest friends of all time, an amazing wife and mother, a complete and total inspiration to EVERYONE who knows her, and having a fancy masters degree in awesomeness (what is your degree actually in Angel? I’m such a bad friend for not remembering. . . psychology? Social work?). . . anyway, in addition to all this, she is an Isagenix Consultant.  Which basically means she not only sells the product, but she coaches you along the way to make sure you achieve your goals.

Angel recently invited me to join her in an Isagenix challenge and I couldn’t be more excited so I wanted to extend the invitation to YOU!

The way it works in a nutshell: you form teams of 6 and try to score as many points during a day as possible (the point system isn’t connected to weightloss so anyone of any build or physical condition can play and win!).  Points are scored in a variety of ways: meals, exercise, water consumption, supporting team members through calls, emails, texts or etc, drinking enough water etc etc etc.  The winning team will receive $200 per team member!  If you’re interested in playing, contact Angel for more details or to order the 30 day cleanse.  Her email is angelinparadise17{at} yahoo{dot}com.

Orders need to be placed by September 20th in order to be sure you’ve got what you need to begin your cleanse by the start date of the game: SEPT 27th.

There is also a game starting soon for a simple 9 day cleanse, so if the 30 sounds too daunting for you or you’re on a budget, this could be a great option for you.

I can’t tell you how much I love this program. Here are some of the reasons I love isagenix:

1. 32 lbs. enough said.
2.  The mental (read “creative”) clarity I felt after sticking with the program for a solid amount of time was REMARKABLE (that’s what I’m most hungry for: how well my mind functions when my body is getting proper nutrition).
3.  My sleep was more restful than it has been in years.
4.  I had more patience with my kids.
5.  My skin was wonderfully clear and “radiant” for lack of a better word (though I must credit that in part to the yoga as well. . . sweating off those toxins, makes you glow).
6.  There is an emotional component associated with a cleanse of this type.  I know this sounds hokey, but I started to feel more peaceful and connected to myself on a deeper level. . . I began to feel more authentic, more genuine. . . more happy.

YOU deserve all those wonderful things in YOUR life.  I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s so totally not. I am being 1000% genuine. You really truly do deserve all those wonderful things and many more.

I’d LOVE to have you on my team!  No guarantees though, it’s first come first served.  But just so everyone knows.  My team is SO TOTALLY GOING TO WIN!

Join me!



The Importance of Customer Experience Management

Deliver a customer experience that is always ahead of the curve of customer needs or expectations, no matter how they evolve over time.

A customer experience management (CXM) system can take customer relationships to a new level, helping organizations to build brand loyalty while minimizing customer attrition, yet while simultaneously lowering the cost to serve. But what is customer experience management, and does it strengthen the customer-brand connection?

What Is Customer Experience Management?

However, CXM also requires understanding — knowing who the customer is, decoding their customer journeys and the ability to understand data from the customer’s perspective and analyze it to create actionable insights. This blend of skills, strategy and disciplines is the reason why building cross-functional teams with responsibility for customer success is CXM best practice — 64% of large organizations considered as experience leaders attribute much of their success to having a coordinated program involving expertise across the business.

Customer experience management — often abbreviated to CXM — is about actively and consistently steering an organization’s customer experience strategy so that it continuously aligns with evolving customer needs and expectations in a way that increases customer engagement and satisfaction, with the ultimate goal of driving brand loyalty.

As such, it’s an approach to building and maintaining a customer base for long-term success that is equal parts art and science. Customer experience management requires the right choice and application of tools and technology and the ability to collect data and align with metrics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vs. Customer Experience Management (CXM)

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a repository for customer contact and interaction information and, over time, can be used to build up a picture of a customer’s history and preferences. It also captures information regarding sale leads and can be used for accelerating internal processes. As its name suggests, it is a powerful tool for building relationships with the customer base. However, it is focused primarily on the business, rather than the customer. It facilitates internal processes, and its utility is only as good as the information it can capture and hold.

While both CRM and CXM serve to strengthen the customer relationship, that’s where the similarities end. Customer experience management is a discipline and a strategy supported by a platform of systems and tools focused on capturing and understanding customer experience (CX) across every touch point and along each customer journey.

CRM captures past history, and CXM is focused on the future. When adopted as part of a wider digital transformation, customer experience management not only brings an organization closer to its customers, it can help the business get into the minds of their customers, being able to identify potential issues before they become real customer frustrations and identify and evolve CX delivery in line with changing customer behaviors and emerging trends.

Customer Experience Management and Business Performance

The positive impact on business performance that can be realized from building stronger customer relationships through CXM should be clear.

By taking a proactive approach to the end-to-end customer experience, organizations are better able to identify and deliver on customer needs and expectations. It ensures a consistent experience across touch points and throughout each customer journey, from onboarding to ongoing post-purchase support — all of which fosters customer loyalty and minimizes attrition.

Businesses considered as customer experience management leaders experience a 1.6x increase in customer lifetime value and a 1.7x improvement in customer retention rates as projects come to fruition. And because a customer experience management system is fueled by data and driven by teams that encompass skills across the entirety of the organization, it generates new levels of insight that can be used to drive everything from better products and services to greater customer lifetime value while lowering the cost to serve.

For 63% of organizations that have identified the link between CX and customer loyalty, they have also found that being able to combine data, teams and customer understanding is the key to delivering the types of innovative experiences that strengthen customer relationships. Read more what is cx customer experience.

How to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience management targets the key aspects that, when optimized, improve CX, starting with a greater understanding of the consumer behavior and traits that drive business towards an organization’s brand.

Because CXM makes it simple to merge customer and operational data, with the right combination of tools and expertise, it becomes easy to identify the needs and expectations existing customers have in common. Feeding these findings into marketing strategies makes them more focused and effective, while the insights that come from customer interactions enables an organization to improve the initial touch points at the top of the sales funnel that can move a consumer from discovery to consideration.

The purview of these tools can then be expanded to analyze existing end-to-end customer journeys and single out steps on the path to purchase (and beyond) that require attention and potential improvement. Again, it’s the combination and operationalization of different data sources that makes it possible for customer experience management to deliver in this respect. This lack of understanding and, as a result, inability to deliver CX in line with expectations could be impacting revenues by up to 20%.

An Omnichannel View

The next aspect of improving CX is being able to achieve an omnichannel view of each customer. Through CXM, every interaction across all channels can be tracked and captured and fed back into operations. And, crucially, the information generated stays connected to that customer.

So, for instance, if a customer begins a customer journey on a website, then engages with a chatbot and finishes by using online chat to engage with a live agent, the data related at each stage moves with that customer. It means that rather than simply tracking negative interactions — issue resolutions and complaints — CXM allows an organization to connect and engage with every customer, understand their preferences and begin to develop a personalized CX. Nine-in-10 of the world’s best performing businesses attribute their long-term growth to being able to anticipate and deliver on customer needs along each customer journey.

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On this day of all days.

I couldn’t say nothing.

and I couldn’t think of a single thing to say.

so. . .  I’ll let Bill Clinton (of all people) do the talking. . .

because this. . .
well, this is brilliant.

this is beautiful.

and this, well, this is true.

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

God bless this land that I love.

And to those of you who lost on that dreadful day . . .
know that today, a girl in the middle of the Pacific ocean knelt and said a prayer for you.