If I could bottle up a family and shoot them for the rest of forever, the Hansen family may just be the one.  Sherri has been a long time, tried and true, follower of the blogs (old and new).  When she heard I was going to be in Southern California, she jumped at the opportunity to book a session with me.  So did her husband.  He secretly emailed me right before Sherri had the chance and asked me to PLEASE tell her I was booked so that he could surprise her with a shoot with me as a gift. What a man!!!  I love it.  Sherri was definitely among the thousands upon thousands who wept, plead and grieved with us over the tumultuous weeks last year as we said goodbye to sweet Baby Gavin.  I’m so thankful I got to finally meet her in person and to spend some wonderful time with her family, who are every bit as sweet as she is!  Plus, look what she gave me as a tearful parting gift?! How could yo NOT love this woman. Enjoy some images of our time together. I hope you can feel just how very special this family really is.